The Hulegaard Books Podcast is Back!

After a very long hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that the Hulegaard Books podcast has returned. It most likely won’t become a weekly fixture as it once was, but my goal will remain the same: To bring you compelling conversations with some of the sharpest minds in the literary field.

My first guest is none other than the illustrious Tony Healey, the best-selling author of Hope’s Peak. In this episode, Tony and I discuss his journey to traditional publishing, and the aftermath of success. Check it out below!

Hulegaard Books Podcast – Episode 06: Liz Borino

The conversation gets hot and heavy this week as I’m joined by romance author Liz Borino in episode 06 of the Hulegaard Books podcast!

Liz talks about the differences between writing gay and straight romance, her thoughts on the perils of self-published authors bypassing a professional editor, and her marketing advice for independent authors trying to breakthrough.

Check out this week’s episode below, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.