Memorial Day Weekend Free Books Promotion

In the mood for a little reading this Memorial Day weekend? I’ve got you covered. May 26th and 27th only, four of my books will be up for grabs in the Amazon Kindle marketplace for FREE!

Included in the promotion are:

The Night Shift: This short story prequel to my paranormal mystery novella The Jumper follows the back story of community center custodian Craig Dixon. Craig’s terrifying encounter with the ghost of the community center is not a story that he likes to share with others. In The Night Shift, we found out why.

The Darby Forest: Two Tales of the Arachnolox: This creature double feature is a two-pack of cryptozoology goodness! The short stories “Bait and Switch” and “Prolific Mythic” come bundled together, giving the reader two different looks into the existence of the mythical Arachnolox. Does it really exist? Will the characters find it? Will they live to tell about it?

Strangers: This collection is packed with eight dark and twisted tales from the deep, morbid recesses of my mind. Inspired by actual people that I met during my travels over the years, Strangers explores the sometimes uglier side of humanity. How much do we really know about the people we travel with? Perhaps it’s better not to know.

Noble: Bloodlines: The second book in the Noble trilogy picks up two years after the events from the first book. Detective Miller Brinkman thought he could outrun the painful memories of his past… he was wrong. Leading a team of special agents tasked with stopping a sinister group of Jack the Ripper cultists, Miller reunites with an old nemesis along the way… and the new threat she brings along with her.

AMAZON US: Get ‘em here!

AMAZON UK: Get ‘em here!

Thank you for your support! I hope you’ll enjoy my books.

~ David K. Hulegaard

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