Guest Post: An Excerpt from BURIAL by Tony Healey

Tony Healey's "Burial" is available now on Kindle
Upon my acceptance into the Kindle All-Stars last year, it didn’t take long before I met the other authors and got the opportunity to read their work. Before I knew it, I was up to my eyeballs in unpublished works-in-progress written by my fellow KAS crew—some of which I still haven’t gotten around to.

I became a fan of several of the other writers in the group, one of which is my guest poster today, Tony Healey.

Even though Tony is best known for the characters that he has created as part of his The Stars My Redemption series, it only scratches the surface of his talent. With each new story that Tony releases, I am in awe (and maybe even a bit jealous) of his creativity, and his ability to shift between genres with minimal effort.

Tony is imaginative, and his pool of story ideas is vast. If you like the subject matter of your reading material slightly left of center, then you need to be reading Tony’s work.

I could go on and on, but I’m going to let Tony himself talk a bit about the creation of his recent release, Burial. Following that, be sure to read the included excerpt and see for yourself why Tony is a modern day master of the strange and unusual.

Tony Healey: On Writing Burial

I thought of the twist in the story first before sitting down to work out the rest. So in a way I worked backwards. I do that sometimes when it comes to writing. I don’t always start at the beginning. That’s the fun of it sometimes, I think.

I remember reading an interview with a writer where he described writing the very last chapter of his novels first before going back to the beginning and working his way toward that end point. I find that to be an interesting approach. It doesn’t always work to do it that way, but with Burial it did.

Burial is a short story of roughly 35 pages, written in pulp horror/thriller tradition, with an ending that will split readers right down the middle. They’ll either love it or hate it. It was edited by Laurie Laliberte, of the Kindle All-Stars, and it was our first time working together as author & editor.

To say that we took every approach possible with Burial would be an understatement, but it was worth all the hard work, though I’m sure I had Laurie pulling her hair out at times.

When you first work with an editor, you have to sort of hit the ground running when developing a relationship with each other. But, you know, we got there in the end, and now we’re back working on another short story of mine, Dark Orb, which should be out soon. Maybe David will let me hijack his site again when it’s ready!

Editor’s Note: Dark Orb released this week. Tony has a standing invite to take over my site any time he’d like.

An Excerpt from Burial

By: Tony Healey

His name was Fred Aniello. Six months ago his wife walked out on him. At least that’s what he told anyone who asked. No, I don’t know where she is. Another man? Maybe. No I didn’t suspect anything. I thought we were happily married. No she doesn’t have any friends out of town that I’m aware of… and so on and so on. That’s how it always seemed to go. Over the months he’d become very fluent in the continuation of the same story, embellishing it when needed with the occasional show of water-works.

A little while into the lie, he imparted the bad news on his neighbour ‘the old man Rickett’ who laid a heavy arm around Fred’s shoulders. “There there, don’t worry about it son.”

But he wasn’t worried. Not in the slightest. It was all done, dusted… buried.

Or so he’d thought…

BURIAL is a short horror story of 7,000 words available on the Kindle Store for only 99c.

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