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Kindle All-Stars Presents: Resistance Front
If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since becoming a published author, it’s that when Bernard Schaffer comes knocking, you answer the door. You answer the door even if you forgot to put on pants!

A few months ago I received an email from Bernard, talking about this crazy idea he had called the Kindle All-Stars. As a devoted fan of Harlan Ellison, Bernard dreamed of following in Unca Harlan’s footsteps by collaborating with a group of independent authors and delivering an anthology of work that would shape the future of independent publishing. “The punk rock of literature,” he called us.

Bernard’s vision didn’t include any of us making money. Instead, he wanted all profits from the book’s sales to go to one of his favorite charities: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. How could I refuse such an invitation? I sifted through my project pile of ideas and found a “Frankenstein” piece that I had been tinkering with. I submitted it to Bernard right away and awaited him to accept my submission with open arms.

He hated it.

I have received constructive criticism many times. It’s a part of the process of being a writer. In all my experience, I’ve never had another human being deliver constructive criticism like Bernard Schaffer. I was told he was a harsh editor, but I hadn’t anticipated threats to kill my pets. I took Bernard’s feedback to heart, and with a photo of my beloved Welsh Terrier, Tobi, at my side, I worked hard to implement the necessary changes. I resubmitted my short story the following night.

He hated it.

This process of editing, submitting new drafts, and re-editing continued for a total of NINE drafts before Bernard gave me one last chance. “Write hard,” he said. Simple enough, but oh, so much more difficult to execute. Bernard had woken the beast. Through squinted eyes and a fire in my belly, I took my “Frankenstein” piece and deleted it. All of it. I kept only the names of the characters and rewrote the piece from scratch. I submitted it first to an editor assigned specifically to my story, who replied in less than ten minutes and said, “Wow.” My confidence was restored and I was proud of my contribution. I submitted it to Bernard with a grin on my face.

He hated it.

Though Bernard was still not a fan of my particular style, he did something amazing for me. He took the time to dissect my story line-by-line and tell me what worked and what didn’t. Not only that, but he explained to me why. In a moment of pure surrealism, I was receiving a writing lesson from my favorite contemporary author, free of charge.

The end result was my short story “Mabel” being accepted into the Kindle All-Stars Anthology Resistance Front. It blows my mind to think that my work is included alongside authors such as Alan Dean Foster, Jon F. Merz, and even Harlan Ellison himself. I keep waiting for someone to pinch me. That is the best part for me as a writer. As a reader, the best part for you is that this painstakingly created collection can be had for a mere .99 cents.

So, now you know what the Kindle All-Stars project means to me. Here’s what it means to some of my fellow authors also included in the anthology:

“The Resistance Front project has been a bright spot in my day ever since I joined. Pour a cup of strong Garuda and see what the KAS team is up to. I’d say my favorite part has been reading contributors’ excerpts and getting an enticing taste of things to come.” – Toni Dwiggins, Excerpt from BADWATER.

“It’s been absolutely awe-inspiring to have my work stand alongside such talented authors, from the unknown to the famous. This is the anthology to read in the Internet age.” – Miles Cressman, Deconstruct.

“Kudos to Bernard and his team of minions, especially Laurie Laliberte. This brilliant project would never have materialized without your dedication and hard work. – JJ Toner, Children.

“The Kindle All-Stars Project is the most intensely, frustrating, humbling, rewarding, exhilarating, life-changing, roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on and it’s an honor to be in such good company.” – Laurie Laliberte, Fear of the Dark.

“Is being part of Kindle All-Stars a dream come true for me? No, it’s not. My dream used to be a book deal with a major publishing house. I didn’t want to be famous; I just wanted to be published. I never imagined that I’d get something even better: the freedom of indie publishing, the intimate-though-far-apart connection with fellow dreamers and word-lovers, and the chance to use my writing to help the innocent. KAS isn’t a dream come true – It’s a vivid, new reality that is more alive than anything I ever imagined before.” – Courtney Cantrell, If This Were a Stephen King Story.

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