November 2010 Press Release

How far would a reluctant

private investigator go to uncover the truth about

a young girl’s abduction from a small town…

by David Hulegaard

…and will he be prepared for the answers he seeks?


By David K Hulegaard

Life in Ashley Falls was pretty quiet most of the time. It may have been considered dull by some standards, but it was a tightly knit community of mostly honest people doing their best to get by. My name is Miller Brinkman and I am… well, I was… a private detective for the better part of my adult life.

It’s hard to believe that it was nearly two years ago now. I still remember it all like it was yesterday. So much has happened over the past three years and the world has not looked the same since the day I first heard that recording. Nor do I suppose it will ever look the same to me again. One of the most tragic events ever to happen in the history of humanity and the people of Ashley Falls and don’t even know the story… but they’re about to.

About the Author

David K. Hulegaard is an author and student of film and music. From an early age, he was encouraged by his parents to read a little bit each day, and developed an extensive imagination while burying his nose into a mixture of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and literary classics. With an established professional background, Hulegaard felt unable to quench the thirst for creativity he’d been harboring for years.


By David K. Hulegaard

First Edition Paperback • 5” x 8” • 256 Pages

October 16, 2010 • FastPencil • $19.99 (US)

ISBN: 978-1-60-746142-5

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Lindsay Durfee, PR/PR


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