The Book Giveaway Celebration

Wow! 1,000 followers on Twitter! When I first started my account back in November of last year, I never imagined that this day would come. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you that gifts me a few precious moments of your day to follow my social network misadventures! I know not every tweet is a winner, but you stick with me, and I love you for it! 🙂

As a small token of my appreciation, I would like to celebrate this milestone by giving away some copies of my debut novel, Noble. Noble was recently described as “criminally underpriced” by a very kind reader who paid the .99 cent asking price for an eBook version, but I’m going to up the ante and give away REAL TRADE PAPERBACK COPIES!!

And what do you have to do to win one of these copies? Let’s make it fun, shall we? All you have to do to be eligible is post a comment in answer to the question below between now and Friday, August 12th, 2011. That’s it. I will select three winners based on the creativity of the answer, so put on your thinking cap and have some fun with it! It can be serious, it can be funny, it can be sad—it’s your choice! Just answer the question however you see fit. Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win. Good luck! I anxiously await your fantastic responses!

QUESTION: Detective Miller Brinkman, the main character in the Noble series, has been investigating the case of a missing teenage girl. As the trail grows cold, he receives an anonymous letter containing information to suggest that its author was involved. What does it say?


  1. I just have one question. Do you want us to set the scene the letter was received in? Or just the letter it’s self?

  2. Detective Miller Brinkman had a long day trying to track down a missing teenage girl. Unfortunately all the leads he had persued went cold. Brinkman decided a quick shower, change of clothes, and a hot meal would help a great deal.
    Brinkman walked up to his front door and was about to unlock it when a menela envelope laying on his welcome mat caught his eye. He picked it up and let himself in. Tossing his keys on the table as he looked the evelope over. Brinkman went to the coutch, once settled he opened the evelope. A folded piece of paper was inside. Carefully it was unfolded a clipping of hair the same color as the girl’s was in the crease.

    Detective Brinkman,
    It saddens me that you have been unable to find all of the clues left to you. I was hoping that you would find the girl in time. There is still time. Go back and look at everything again. If you are as good as I had hoped you’ll find what your looking for.
    The key is to keep looking and hopefully the girl will be able to bloom into the woman she is ment to be.

    Brinkman finished reading the letter, went to the kitchen and grabbed a large zip lock bag. He placed the hair, letter,and evelope in it. He graves a quick shower and a new set of clothes then hurried to the office to drop the evidence off. Then he would go back to the beginning to find what he had missed!

  3. Detective Miller Brinkman had just left his uptown office and had entered his car with a rock station blaring,it took about twenty minuets to get home.
    As he got out of his car (a black Toyota echo) he saw a shadow but thought it was one of a bird. After he shook that off he went and got his mail, then he started to wonder why someone would want a 15 year old girl but he just couldn’t figure it out. Just as he went in he heard a knock on the door he had just entered.
    “Who’s there and why are you here?” he asked the person the the guy didn’t answer. Just then he heard the sound of footsteps on theold wood of his porch. He heard that just before he seen the pure white envolope with his name printed on the front.
    He waited ten minuets jut to make sure it wouldn’t explode for he has had exploding letters before.
    When he was sure it wasn’t going to explode he picked it up, sat in his reading hair and began to read. This is what it said.
    Detective Miller Brinkman,
    How are you? Hopefully wondering who wrote this.
    I have good new that might pleas you. The girl is alive, but barely. Now read this carefully. After you are done reading this burn it or the girl will die.
    Go to the punk club downtown and use the pay phone there, I have left you a number to call. Now if you don’t do things exactly like I said once again the girl will die.
    Good luck Detective,
    Good Bye.
    When he was done reading it he lit it, threw it in a metal can in his backyard and ran to his car.
    And with that he left all he knew behind him to save a girl he never knew and maybe never will.
    Thus he threw himself into a mess he wished he never got into.

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