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I am very excited right now, as I have submitted my upcoming novella The Jumper for final edits, and will soon see it released for eyeball consumption! It has been a lot of fun to write, and I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy reading it. However, since there is still some time to kill before the story of R.C. Dawson is released upon the world, I thought that I would prepare a writing sample for you while we wait. It’s a short story entitled The Night Shift that serves as a prequel, and will introduce you to one of the locations and supporting characters from The Jumper.

In this prequel, we meet Craig Dixon and get a glimpse of his life before the events of The Jumper. When R.C. Dawson meets him in The Jumper, Craig is working the day shift as a custodian for the Emily Glavine Community Youth Center. He ominously tells R.C. that he used to work the night shift, but just for one night. This short story tells the tale of Craig’s first, and only, night alone at the community center, and will give you a taste of the spooky events that have been reported by several employees of the building… and what’s soon to come for R.C. Dawson.

WARNING: This material is intended for mature audiences and contains language that may be considered offensive to some people. Please enjoy at your own discretion.

Download ‘The Night Shift’ for free!

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