The Jumper: Overview

It’s an exciting time around here! As I type this, my next book, a novella titled The Jumper, is nearing completion and will be releasing in the next few weeks. Earlier this week I unveiled the final cover art, so it seemed only fitting that it was time to give you a sneak peek at the story behind the art. I thank you for your continued support and look forward to being able to share the book with you. Check back soon for the opportunity to download the first chapter for free!


When the real estate market collapsed, so too did R.C. Dawson’s retirement plan, forcing him back into the workplace at 54 years old. He took the night custodian job at a youth community center, thinking he’d get to enjoy the peace and quiet. He was wrong.

The community center was a beautiful old building with a dark secret. It was the home to a mysterious shadow figure they called “The Jumper,” an innocent looking teenage boy harboring a rage that prevented him from moving on.

R.C. now finds himself on a chilling collision course with a powerful force, a 25-year old mystery, and a night he’ll never forget.

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