Ghost Stories – Coming Soon

I’ve been quiet for some time now, but that’s not because I haven’t been working. A lot of the time, things are in progress, and I’m not allowed to discuss them until the official announcement goes live. Now is one of those times. I’m beyond thrilled to announce my involvement with an upcoming audio-only anthology, Ghost Stories.

A couple of months ago, Blunder Woman Productions put out a submission call for spine-chilling, spooky campfire stories (more The Woman in Black and less Saw). My good friend Tony Healey encouraged me to go for it, and said that he’d always loved my creepy story, The Starlight Mile. I considered it, but knowing that the story was seven years old, and how much my writing had improved since then, I didn’t have high hopes. That said, the opportunity was too good to pass up, so I ultimately decided to take the challenge.

I sat down with the original draft, and to my dismay (but not my surprise), the writing quality was far scarier than the story itself. A lot of work needed to be done in order to make it submission-worthy, but the deadline was coming up fast.

I took out my literary scalpel (and in some cases, my literary chainsaw) and went straight to work. I cleaned up some clunky sentences here and there, adjusted some unnatural dialogue, and clipped out entire sections that kept the story from moving forward. By the time I was done, I’d cut the story down to around 3,700 words from nearly 6,000!

After reading the newly-edited version, I felt good about it, but needed outside opinions. The feedback I received contained very few notes and high praise. I made a few more tweaks, then sent it off. Two weeks later, I received word that my story had been chosen.

This project is incredibly exciting because it’s audio-only, and I’ve never had my work narrated before. Not only that, but the narrator assigned to my story is Tim Campbell, an award-winning voice artist, and he is legit! Check out his work here.

The anthology is currently without a release date, but it’s coming later this year. Hopefully, in time for Halloween! I’ll keep you posted as more details emerge, but in the meantime, check out the full list of authors and narrators hoping to scare the bejesus out of you come fall:

  • The Clockmaker by Beth Green, narrated by Danielle Cohen
  • Dream In Black Static by Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Joe Hempel
  • The Family Ghost by Susan C. Hunter, narrated by Holly Palance
  • Geiststurm by M K Gibson, narrated by Kyle Tait
  • Goat by Matt Godfrey, performed by Amy Landon
  • The House by Tanya Eby – Narrator & Writer, narrated by Rhett Samuel Price
  • The Rabbit Hole by Jack Soren, narrated by Hillary Huberr
  • She Is By The Window by Anthony Addis, narrated by Marni Penning Coleman
  • The Starlight Mile by David K. Hulegaard, narrated by Tim Campbelll
  • Wendigo by Molly Coyle, narrated by Lauren Ezzo
  • The Whimsy by Petrea Burchard, narrated by Rachel Jacobs

Nothing but love,

~ David

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