July 2016 Update

Happy summer, everyone! Is it just me or are you looking tan? As for me, I’m still as pasty and freckled as ever, but I’ve somehow managed to lose six pounds… despite the glorious hot dog food cart down the hill from my house. But enough about that. Thanks so much for stopping by, and here’s a quick rundown of happenings for the month of July.

Happy Anniversary

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s hard to believe that Dollhouse released a year ago this month! I don’t often publish short stories a la cart, but I had an intense dream I couldn’t shake for days, and had to get it down on paper.


In truth, Dollhouse was an experiment of sorts. My wheelhouse is sci-fi and fantasy, and I’d never dabbled too much in horror. How’d I do? You’ll have to read it and tell me. Dollhouse will be free on July 29th in celebration of its birthday.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to also thank the amazingly talented Eve F. for her super-creepy cover design. I have friends that still won’t talk to me because of it. 🙂

Icarus Preparing for Flight

Last month I talked about the impending re-release of the Noble Trilogy, starting with Icarus this summer. Since then, a few snags in the plan have slowed me down, and the first book may not arrive until late August or early September. The next two weeks will be critical in nailing down the exact time frame. So, stay tuned for more on that.

Noble Trilogy Promo Art
Art Design by Eve F.

Oh! I can tell you that I’ve partnered once again with Eve F. on the cover design for all three books, and I’m overjoyed with how they’re coming along. James McDonald did an incredible job with the originals, but the re-release needed a fresh look and Eve is nailing it! Can’t wait to show you.

New Novel in Progress

I mentioned in the June update that I was outlining my next novel, and I’m happy to report that the manuscript is now underway. Well, I’m only 3,000 words in, but every journey begins with the first step. 🙂  I’m trying a new process and have been participating in a Novels-in-Progress workshop with the truly gifted Julie Christine Johnson.


This has provided me with structural feedback at the ground floor, and will get me back on track in real time if I drift off course. Although I still have a long road ahead, early feedback has been positive, and I feel good about the book’s direction. It’s unlike anything else I’ve written, so I’m both enjoying and loathing the challenge.

And that concludes this month’s update. I hope everyone is well. Drop me a line sometime and tell me what you’re up to. Read a great book? See a great movie? Hear a great band? Play a great game? Tell me about it!

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this little beauty from my holiday wish list…


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