Happy Fourth Birthday, Noble!

Noble: Revised & Expanded


UPDATE: The promotion period for this offer has ended. My sincerest thanks to everyone that downloaded the book!


Sci-Fi lovers, in honor of my “baby” turning four this year, I’m giving it away for free for a limited time. If you’re new to the Noble universe, now’s the perfect time to join! Follow the story of Miller Brinkman, a small town private detective that stumbled upon a deadly conspiracy involving missing children, corrupt law enforcement, and an ancient civilization predating mankind.

I enjoyed Noble as much or more than novels written by my favorite, well known authors. Mr. Hulegaard brought his characters to life in a way that made me care about them.

“Noble is a book that is completely different from any I’ve ever read. It starts out as a mystery `who-done-it’ but changed genre about midway making it even more enjoyable!

Hulegaard captures the tone of the genre, but takes out some of the cliches that I find so tiresome.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you do, and would like to continue the story, books 2 & 3 are available now on Amazon.

Thank you for your support!

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