A Sneak Peek at my Next Project

As part of my 2014 Birthday Charity Drive, I’m offering reward tiers as my way of thanking contributors for their generosity. If you’ve looked them over, you might have noticed that some tiers offer the opportunity to name characters and locations in my next book.

Um, that’s great and all, Dave, but what is your next book?

Great question! I don’t normally talk about my books this far out, but in this case, I thought it was only fair for you to know a little bit more about your potential investment. In the interest of protecting my intellectual property, I’m only going to provide a vague overview, but I promise to continue updating as progress is made on the book.

I had a question to answer: where do I go now after wrapping up the Noble trilogy? I’ve dabbled in the past. I’ve laid some groundwork in the present. What about the future? The future feels like a ripe sandbox for my imagination to play in, and I’ve got more than a few ideas that would fit well within that setting.

What do you see when you think of the future? Flying cars? Colonization of the galaxy? All disease cured? The ability to stream your brain onto the Internet? These are all tantalizing possibilities, but what if the future isn’t as grandiose as we imagine it to be? What if other than basic upgrades to make our everyday lives more efficient, the future isn’t all that much different than it is today?

At least, not yet…

My next book focuses on a point in time where a major technological discovery is about to happen. Secret government labs have developed some groundbreaking new tech, and the FBI has already committed a new division to utilizing it. However, the tech is limited, and scientists anticipate decades before they can unlock its full potential. But what if somebody with dangerous motives already has?

Now, let’s meet the protagonist. The story focuses on Rachel Ibanez, head of the FBI’s secret new division.

“Know this, sweet Rachel: your story once had a different ending. That man pushed you, you fell, and you died here on these rocks. I’m rewriting your story because I am investing in your future. Don’t disappoint me.”

A mysterious stranger saved Rachel from certain death as a young girl, only to vanish after these cryptic words. Those close to Rachel listened to her story, but blamed severe psychological trauma and shock for her “hallucinations.” A period of anger and depression followed as she struggled with the worth of her existence. Rachel felt so isolated at times that she often wished her savior had just let her fall to her death. Why was she saved? How was she saved? For what purpose?

Rachel’s strength allowed her to overcome her fear and eventually face her attacker. Once she felt the satisfaction of putting a sadistic criminal behind bars, she set out on a path that eventually led her to the FBI, where we meet her in the book many years later.

As an experienced federal agent, Rachel’s track record on high profile cases made her the overwhelming choice to lead the FBI’s new division. Despite the reputation Rachel has garnered for her years of dedicated service, there are many within the FBI that don’t respect the work of her team. She has quite a rivalry going with other top agents, which only fuels her motivation to be the best of the best.

Ready for a change…

I love Science-Fiction—I read a lot of it—but something that has been bugging me is the absence of prominent female characters within the genre. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great Sci-Fi authors out there doing exactly that, but we’ve got some serious catching up to do. So, rather than lament and simply long to meet more FemShep-caliber characters, I decided that it was time for me to start creating them instead.

I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peek at my next project. I am very excited for the world to meet Rachel Ibanez, and I am thrilled with how the story is coming along. Although I don’t anticipate my book publishing until 2015, I will update my blog with more information over the months ahead.

Thank you for reading,

~ D

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