Noble: The Video Game?

In a hurry? Jump straight into the Ashley Falls game.


Anyone still with me? Okay, here’s the backstory:

My love affair with video games started from the moment I first took an Atari 2600 joystick into my hands. The television screen filled with images of blocky tanks, a yellow blob munching on power pellets, and a plumber (with a ridiculously proportioned nose) jumping over barrels. I never looked back.

Despite being told time-and-time-again as a child that video games would rot my brain, the exact opposite happened. Believe it or not, video games actually fueled my creativity. I wasn’t content to simply hear that the princess was in another castle, I wanted to know why; my first lesson in “show versus tell.”

What details early video games left out of the story, I filled in on my own. Before I knew it, I had volumes of Super Mario fan-fiction, and that passion to create eventually bled over into other favorites, like, The Legend of Zelda.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’ve now written five original books. However, I realize that not everyone has the time or attention span to tackle a 300-plus page novel. So, I got to thinking: how can I shoehorn that experience into a more bite-sized proposition? The answer: video games!

Using the StoryNexus toolset, I have created a free, plot-twisting adventure based on the events of my debut novel Noble. While it is possible to achieve the canon ending from the book, the story unfolds as you make decisions, and your choices shape the eventual outcome. There are six possible endings, so replay it and see other ways the story could have ended!

Have fun, and if you enjoy the game, pick up the book for the complete experience.

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