My Birthday Drive

Women are amazing. They are our mothers. Our wives. Our sisters. Our daughters. Our friends. They are strong. Resilient. Creative. Intelligent. They are deserving of love, kindness and respect. Sadly, many women are mistreated every day and must seek out help to escape from those that would do them harm.

I have a good life. I want for very little because I have love. With my birthday coming up soon, rather than gifts, I’d ask instead for your help in supporting my chosen charity, the Bradley Angle domestic violence shelter.

I have selected Bradley Angle as my charity of choice because they also provide support to the LGBTQ community, which is of significant importance to me. I am hoping to raise $1,500 for the shelter before August 20th, and am personally kicking things off today with the first $500 donation.

Please do not feel obligated to give. However, if you would like to help out in honor of my birthday, please donate here.

Be sure to list my name in the “In honor of” box. Thank you so much for your help! Let’s work together to make a difference.

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